Monday, 15 September 2008

Skate4Cancer this weekend

This weekend we are hosting the UK's first ever skate 4 cancer event. The event kicks off at 2pm running through to 8pm and is a skateboard only event with a after party at Moshulu that you can buy tickets for on the day. Here is what they had to say about the event...

"To get Skate4Cancer going in the UK we are holding a skateboarding competition in Aberdeen (Scotland) transition park in order to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK on the 20th Sept 2008. This session will start at 2pm and run through until 8pm.

After the competition there will be an after party with various skate-punk and ska bands playing as well as DJs at Moshulu from 8pm. Tickets will be on-sale prior to the event.

So we are inviting you to come support or enter the competition!!

Don't forget it is all for a great cause."

Sunday, 7 September 2008

UK Nike team

The UK Nike SB team will be down at the park on the 14th of September, come down and check out some shredtastic action.

More details to come.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

End of summer comp (report)

The end of summer comp on Sunday the 24th was a banger! All the wee guys were properly killing it. The format was simple; the heats were two minutes long with an extra thirty seconds tagged on to get their last tricks in. With the best of each group going through to the five minute long final. And despite a pretty nasty accident literally the moment the rollerblade comp started, everyone was still pushing it.
The under sixteen rollerblade comp saw a well earned 1st place go to wee Kris Adams, 2ND spot went to big Sam Gregory, and 3RD went to normal sized Dominic… who’s last name escapes me. All in all it was a very impressive comp. Well done guys!
The Skate comp was fantastic and 1st place went to Jamie Corbet and very, very close behind him in 2nd was flying-Ryan Gibson. Although 3rd place Neil Kellas had a poor start to his run, he was the only person using his time to learn new tricks. Lien-tail-revert Sick! 6th place Cameron Cender, the youngest person to make it through to a final won himself some prizes for only falling once during both his runs. Feet nailed to the board!
The BMXers comp may have had fewer entrants but again everyone was still pushing themselves. 1st went to ‘chory towns Angus white, a brakeless ripper. 2nd went Jack Millington and 3rd spot was taken by young Stewart Frazer. Mike Ellington aka Mingo spoilt all the riders, hooking them up with plenty twenty - twenty goodies. Cheers dude.
The product toss was eagerly anticipated and no one went home with nothing. Kids sure do love free things!
Well done to everyone involved. Special thanks to the older bladers for helping us out, and to Callum Barrack the MC and principal motivator, our sponsors Carhartt, Relentless, Powerade, Boarderline and 20Twenty. See you guys next year for some more of the same.

Local shreder Mark Foster