Monday, 30 March 2009

Malmö Skate 2009

Malmö Skate 2009 - 3 parks, 3 events, 3 experiences

D.I.Y Sibbarp Skatepark

Damn son, this is right up my street. I've know about Sibbarp Skatepark for a while and now they've added a new D.I.Y/Pontus Alv style crete section! Hella...

Malmo is so DOPE!!!

Elgin Skatepark Open Day

Get along this Saturday, April the 4th yo...

Elgin Skatepark

Elgin Skatepark is now complete...
Simie Simpson was there yesterday to get a schralp on and to snap a few photos...he tells me it's RAD!
Get yourself up to Elgin this Saturday for the offical opening for a bag full of madness.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New Feature pt1

All the angles...

The new feature has been complete for almost a week now. During this time Stu Graham has been up to destroy the living hell out of it with rock 'n rolls, f/s feebles, back d's and the likes. Get yourself down to check out this mad creation!

See Stu, Colin Kennedy and Youngo in action over at the 'Walloper' blogspot...

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Sidewalk Issue #150

Sidewalk Issue #150

More Skateboarding >>
Skateboard Scotland/Relentless Tour footage courtesy of Simie Simpson and Colin Young aka Young Gun.

More Skateboarding >>
Tom Shimmin footage courtesy of Karma Skateboards and Paul VX.

Trundel down to Boarderline and grab yourself a copy of the new Sidewalk magazine issue #150.

It features:

Ben Raemers Interview
Enjoi's very own British weapon goes off for Leo's many cameras. Checkignizzzzze!

Haunts: Tom Shimmin
Who hell he? Tom Shimmin comes out fighting and produces his Haunts mid-winter!

EA in SF
We love SF, yes we do. Check out Smithy's Barackside 5050 to celebrate!

Relentless Scotchboarding
Skateboard Scotland fill a van and go on the mooch.

PLUS:'First Lights', Louis Slater gets distracted by art, "don't medshots with the Smedshots" and plenty more things…

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Saturday, 7 March 2009

DunDSAB jam

The DunDSAB jam went down last weekend. There was a good turn out and some wild stuff went down. Nikki Croft is a wild an!!!!!

Here is the video from the jam put together by wee alex.

Dundeesab 2009 from alex donnachie on Vimeo.

Get Your Head Fixed!

You gotta laugh...

Monday, 2 March 2009

Mike Carroll

Can you spot the real Mike Carroll? Left or right, please comment!

Check out Mike's Epicly Later'd, it's a fine watch...