Tuesday, 29 July 2008

North coasting

Gareth Morgan, running in on the harsh terrain that is Tarlair, photo: Colin Bruce
Sam and Harry on the Tarlair hill bomb, trust me this is a scary one, pot holes and all, photo: Colin Bruce
Swedish John hitting up Banff with a backside lipside, photo: Colin Bruce
Alistair Allan front side lipslide, he almost got the noseblunt lipslide, photo: Sam Longmire

A Sunday afternoon on the North coast, stopping of at fine spots such as Banff and Macduff, real Beauty's when the weather's nice. The day included two funtastic drop-in's from Alistair Allan, coastal walls and rubble walls, Gnarly. If only I could get these animated GIF's working, you would be able to see. Any one got a solution for me? Please comment!

1 comment:

sam said...

feckin movie maker, adobe premier, final cut imageready...any of the above....infact imageready will be a good one- if you got photoshop then you got imageready bro. the simplest way is the best.