Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Bezzin Buckie

Park overview, that rail is bigger than it looks
Park overview, with a funky fun hip in the foreground
Tom shralping out a tailslide f/s revert, Photo: Colin Bruce
The red dot marks the skatepark, it's easy to find, right next to the football ground and school.

Buckie skatepark was designed by Andy Dobson and lives up to the standard of past parks designed by Andy, such as kemnay and tran-x.
The park has fast flowing lines with multiple obstacles to hit, it's fairly compact therefore at times quick thinking is needed to carve past any lurking human being.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello there Folks, i would like to point out that i never designed the bent 'Jump box' that materialized in my absence. I've held my tongue for long enough.
I'm sure it doesn't spoil the flow that much but really......was there any need! There's plenty scope within my design for 'jumpin' . Just grow a set and step up son!
I suppose if people didn't like it the way it is a wee tad o concers in the future could put it back to the OG design and there'd be a sweeeeeet driveway multi block combo.

Is Tom killing it or fit?