Tuesday, 9 December 2008

QOTD write up + photaes

On Saturday 6th December, within the walls of the Tunnels, the conclusion of an Aberdeen skateboarding first was taking place. Queen O’ The Deen 2008 (QOTD) was drawing to a close and the moment had come where all the participating teams would reveal the skateboarding magic that they had compiled over the previous month.

The friends and peers of those involved had gathered in the crowd, eagerly anticipating an exciting and entertaining night. They were not to be disappointed.

Nine teams were participating in the competition, the aim of which was to complete as many set challenges on camera as possible within the month of November, with the winner being the team that managed to complete the most challenges, as well as putting together the best edit.

All the edits will be available to watch online in the not-too distant future, so I won’t go into all the gory details of who did what, you can watch and judge that for yourselves. However, things that stand out in my mind would include: Haydn Morgan landing a bigspin murder flip over a hip; Callum Barrack stand up 5.0 in the deep end of the bowl – on a foot-long keyboard; Neil 2.0’s line in the bowl, which I think was second try; Steve Doag’s blindfolded tre fakie on a flat bank; Alistair Allan’s ridiculous drop in attempt; and both the start and end of the ‘Team under 5 Year Olds’ edit.

Got to also send a wee shout out to our Carluke friends for embracing the Aberdeen scene and handing an edit in themselves. There’s a barefoot backside nose-blunt stall, as well as a skinny white boy with his arse out in that edit, another one nae to be missed!

After the edits had been scrutinised, it was decided that the winner of QOTD 2008 was ‘The Ninja Bats’. Although they had a shite team name, their edit was banging.

The Ninja Bats comprised of Callum Barrack, Haydn Morgan, Gareth Morgan and Pete Copeland. Well done to them.

I would also like to thank Mark ‘Patty’ Paterson for sorting out the Tunnels as a venue for the premier showing of all the footage, as well as sorting out a collection of new skateboard videos which played in the background throughout the night, and served as perfect background entertainment for skateboarders intent on consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

Admittedly, November was possibly not the best month to attempt a competition like this, as the weather was definitely not favourable and a lot of people, (Ross King), were swamped with tons of course work for uni. Mistakes will be learned from, so watch this space for a summer return of Queen O’ The Deen in 2009.

Cheers again to everyone that handed in an edit or contributed to the filming and editing on one. It was grand to see the vast majority of Aberdeen Skateboarders in the same place. The scene is feeling strong. Roll on 2009.

Colin Bruce

The venue - The Tunnels, photo: Nick Law

Some technical issues getting sorted out before the premier, photo: Nick Law

Intense viewing as the Carluke edit was shown, photo: Nick Law

Halftime nonsense, photo: Nick Law

Wasteman Dan Poomplex Raberdeen, photo: Nick Law

A'deens schralpers, photo: Nick Law

A'deens schralpers pt2, photo: Nick Law

Cheers to Nick Law who produced such fine snaps that documented the night!

Thanks again to everyone that was involved.

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