Wednesday, 15 February 2012

CUSTOMER NOTICE 13th February 2012

CUSTOMER NOTICE 13thFebruary 2012

Dear Customer

We have begunconstruction work on the outside area that was formerly the Bowling Green.

This is beingdeveloped into a fantastic high ropes course and dirt jumps area which webelieve will significantly enhance the visitor experience at TransitionExtreme, and allow customers to try new challenges.

During theconstruction period there will inevitably be some disruptions to the Centre’scar parking area – both because of deliveries and also because we are extendingthe car parking spaces.

May I ask youto take EXTRA CARE whilst coming and going from Transition Extreme.

Many thanksfor your patience and understanding during this period of work. Shouldyou wish to find out more, please contact our reception team.





Colin said...

Get the mops and buckets out...skateparks gonna get filthy!!

Anonymous said...

There will be certainly be a strict "nae dubs" policy.

Wilkie said...

Nae dub! I hope there is still some Dub aloud Joe