Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Event Update

If you BMX and you havn't heard about the Cult/Federal demo this Saturday you had better get to know! This weekend, thanks to 20Twenty BMX, TX will be host to some of the biggest names in BMX.

We are spending the week getting the park looking and riding fresh for this Saturday so make sure you dont miss out.
The days action will break down something like this. As with any skatepark event times are approximate and .

1300-1400 - Instore signing & shop visit @ 20Twenty

1400-1500 - Demo (free for spectators) No bikes in the park except demo riders, to make as much room for spectators as possible

1500-2000 - BMX only for the rest of the day. Normal session prices apply.

This is a family event and is strictly NO ALCOHOL in the centre.

See you there

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