Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Last Saturday...

Well, that was bananas.

Photos courtesy of Ride UK

If you were lucky enough to have been here at TX last Saturday for the Cult/Federal shop signing at 20Twenty and skatepark demo you will know what I mean. If you missed it you will have to wait for the pics and videos to emerge over the next few weeks to get an idea of the atmosphere and the level of riding we were treated to. It really was great to see how many faces, young and old, came out for the occasion to witness some superhuman feats of BMX riding. The effort that was made by Mike and his team at 20Twenty alongside TX skatepark staff to get the park and shop ready for the event really paid off, giving TX a burst of welcome freshness that really added to the success of the event.

Have a peep at the latest pics courtesy of Ride BMX where you can download a desktop wallpaper of Chase boosting the barrier...boom!

Also follow the Cult Tour blog here and witness their path of destruction as it continues through the UK

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